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Snow Map Update - only minor changes

I am still happy with the snow map I issued overall.  The minor changes I would make based on model trends and observations this afternoon would be to expand the dark blue areas on my map both north and south by about 30 miles to include Myrtle Beach, Sumter, Warner Robbins, Atlanta, Athens, Newberry, and Camden.  I would also shift my light blue area slightly farther north in NC (about 20 miles) to include Charlotte, Gastonia, and Fayetteville with 1/2 - 2 inches. 

These minor changes are based on more moisture than expected with this storm and some banding developing.  Now if we could just get it to slow down or bend up the coast, we could get a good one out of this.  Still 2-4 inches is nothing to take lightly.  I still think the hot spot for more than 4 inches possible would be La Grange, to  Augusta, Aiken, and Sumter areas.   I am getting excited!


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