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Snow is going to be here soon


 Photo By: Maggie Clingan

Snow fell last night just two hours north of the MD metropolitan area.  It is only the middle of October!  If these cooler than usual temperatures continue through winter, we might be skiing soon! Skiers in the area will be happy!

The Almanac is predicting a big snowstorm in November.  With all of this anticipation, our skis will be more than ready by the time the ski resorts open up.

Whitetail's anticipated opening day is December 6.  If snow is on the ground in the city, guests tend to be more willing to show up at the local ski areas.  It might be a good idea to start planning now for that snow fun.  Specials on those season  passes end soon.

After receiving so little natural snow last year, lots of it would be a welcomed change for this coming season.  Keep in mind, though, that the local ski resorts had record numbers that season due to the incredible man made snow.  The slow economy kept many skiers closer to home, but many learned what an awesome job those snow making machines do. 

Some folks who did venture away to larger resorts were surprised to find conditions worse than our local area last year.  The weather is always full of surprises which adds to the magic of skiing.  No run is ever the same with the constant changes nature can bring.  One ray of sunlight can soften the snow while a cloud can bring on more of that glorious white stuff.

Regardless of whether we end up with more man made or natural snow, get your body and gear ready now for the fun ahead!