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Snow Days for Virtual Schooled Kids

While most of the country is being slammed by snowstorms and most of the children in the Knoxville area are enjoying an extra day or two out of school, virtual schooling kids know full well that their schedules aren’t going to change much. Assuming that the power doesn’t go out (and in most areas of Tennessee, the power seems to be working just fine), they are capable of attending school just like always. The commute from bedroom to living room, kitchen, or dining room—wherever learning typically takes place—isn’t at all difficult, and there is no need to worry about slick roads when you don’t have to get anywhere near a car.

For many children, this is a source of great disappointment, especially those who have previously been enrolled in brick and mortar schools. Before they were virtual schooled, a few flakes falling from the sky was occasion for great hope; and in Knoxville, waking up to even an inch of snow on the ground is usually a pretty good indication that there won’t be any school on a given day. For virtual students, on the other hand, this is absolutely not the case.

Virtual students go to school every day, regardless of what it looks like outside. They don’t have to worry about weather-related complications (and you don’t ever have to sweat going out to get your kids in unexpected bad weather), but they also don’t get to get excited about an extra day off along the way. However, snow days can still be fun….

Take care of your PE for the week in one day! Send your kids outside to play in the snow and count it as PE time; or send them out a couple of days in a row and use it for supplemental time, too. That way, they’re still getting some snow-related school time off…and burning energy at the same time!

Do some fun snow activities. Make snow cream; let them “paint” the snow with spray bottles filled with food coloring and water; let them build a snow man.

Warm up inside afterwards. Fix some hot chocolate, milk with a little bit of honey, or apple cider and let the kids enjoy!

After all, snow days aren’t just for public schooled kids. Your kids ought to be able to get in on it, too—even if they do have to go back to school.

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