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Snow day in Upper Darby and Philadelphia

Snow in Upper Darby
Snow in Upper Darby
Agnes Bedard

1/22/14 The storm that dumped more than 11 inches yesterday, along the I-95 area has many of us are scrambling for babysitters, snow shovels and gloves, as schools and many businesses closed due to the storm. Upper Darby Township has been out all day yesterday to get ahead of the storm, and continued their effects today, plowing and salting back street and major roads so that those in doors today will be able to get out tomorrow for work or school.

Speaking to neighbors on the 100 block of Westdale Road, many had their own plan of actions for removing the mounds of snow blocking their streets and walkways. One neighbor operating a snow blower believed that his plan of knocking part of it down last night and returning today to finish what new snow fell was the only good way to get a handle on this massive storm. “Last night, the snow had already gotten pretty deep, I wasn’t sure if the snow blower could handle throwing it all at one time. That’s why in storms like I find it easier to take care of it in two steps”. He then continued to try and dig out his car and others on the small street.

Walking through neighborhoods in the township there is a sense of community as neighbors come together to clean their sideways and streets of the large amounts of snow. You can hear the calls back and forth between neighbors as they plan their attacks on the removal of their mutual enemy, snow. Yet, in the midst of all, you can see a bit of wonderment, like that of their children, at what the storm brought to the area.

Upper Darby School District closed all schools today and will make a decision later today whether school will remain closed, or have a late start or normal opening tomorrow. Updates are available through the district website