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Snow day science activities

Today Newark and the rest of the Northeast experienced the first winter storm for the new year. The snow day has found children and parents alike braving the frigid temperatures to go sledding, ice skating, and snowman building. While others may have found themselves taking on the task of shoveling or cleaning off cars (as in my case). In any event, it was a day of fun for the little kids [and some big kids]. Now it's time to take it down, wrap up in some warm fleece blankets and watch movies while drinking hot cocoa.

Children in Chicago taking advantage of a 3rd snow day.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Now what happens on the second day of a snow storm? Learning that's what! Of course in a fun way. Yes the next day may bring another round of outdoor play and some TV watching but how about changing that monotony up a bit. How about reinforcing some learning by conducting some science activities? Below are a few ideas to start with. For more winter themed ideas check out these articles on creating 3D snowflakes, stuck inside arts & crafts, and M&M painting.

Snow day science activities:

1. Bring the snow inside and freeze it. The next day (when it's too cold to venture out with preschoolers) you have snow inside for them to play with.

2. Make color snow. Using some of that 'brought inside' snow and food coloring, have your child explore mixing colors in a very cool way. Use a spray bottle or eye dropper and your child will be working on fine motor skills as well.

3. Set boiling hot water outside and observe how long it takes for it to freeze. Put something small inside and once frozen, figure out a way to get it out.

4. Conduct the floating egg experiment (using salt, water and 2 eggs).

5. Use sugar cubes to make igloos.

6. Use puff paint to make puffy snowmen on paper.

The following websites are great resources for activity ideas: Pinterest; Teach Preschool; Pre-k Pages. Nonetheless, a snow day can be a day of fun and learning as well as creates the best memories of your child's life. Happy Snow Day!!

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