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Snow day: Fun winter activities for kids

Try these fun snow day activities with your kids
S. W. de Graffenried

What are some fun activities for a snow day? Try some of these ideas.

- Grab a notepad and a camera and head out to look for animal tracks in the snow. Take some notes and snap pictures of your findings, then go to Enature and type in your zip code to find out which critters might have made the tracks.

- Recycle plastic bottles to create a colorful icicle garden. Fill bottles with colored water and use string to attach them to a low tree branch. Puncture the bottom of each bottle. Make the hole just big enough for a slow leak. If the hole gets stopped up, just make another one. Discuss how icicles are formed with your child and watch your garden grow.

- Take some dark construction paper outside and catch some snowflakes. Examine them under a magnifying glass and then head inside to make paper snowflakes.

- Fill cardboard cartons or plastic storage containers with colored water and then leave them out to freeze. When they are done, you will have colorful blocks for construction projects.

- Break out the beach toys and make snow castles or snow buildings. Can you make a miniature of your neighborhood? Your city?

- This is a good time for bird and wildlife watching, because it is easier to see animals in the snow. Assemble a feeder to draw animals and then watch from a distance.

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