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Snow Blind? Your invisible fence is!

I knew that fence was off so how many blizzards can they walk me on this leash?
I knew that fence was off so how many blizzards can they walk me on this leash?

You just got finished shoveling five tons of snow, your exhausted, you can't wait to get into the hot tub and soak, you take off all your clothes, you walk by the window and there goes your pet running down your driveway and out to the street! Now how did that happen when you just spent $1,200.00 for the security of knowing that your invisible fence is the best thing you have bought in a few years! The expense of buying a electric fence is pretty costly, and for most people it works great, but with the amount of snow Baltimore has just received try testing your dog's collar before you let them outside. The snow covers up the underground signal wire that maintains your dogs perimeter. The collar device will not work properly and this will allow your dog to waltz out of your yard or driveway.  In order to check the fence you should have a central power box mounted in your house or garage. Find it and check to see if the green light is steady on, if it is steady green the signal box is working properly, but you still should take the collar with the device on it and check the collar unit to make sure it will make the beeping sound when it comes to the perimeter alert area. If the light is flashing green the collar is not working properly. Contact the company that installed your invisible fence as soon as possible. The snow has made it possible for our animals to realize that they can jump the regular fences also, now that  your three foot fence has five inches of clearance. Please don't rely on the normal routine, your pet is smart and the second they see you not looking they will try jumping or testing your fence. So pull out the old fashion leash that you walked many miles with and maintain your pets safety with letting them know how much you love them and your in charge. If you are not safe walking your pet due to the amounts  snow and ice try a back-up plan, buy a training collar.  Even a bark collar will work, they have devices on the collars that work similar to the invisible fence collar by giving a beeping sound before any disciplinary force is used.  Good luck with being in charge and remember practice tough love especially this harsh winter for you and your pets health and safety.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    It does not sound like you know what you are talking about. You need to do research before you go writing about products you know little about.