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Snow and ice shut down Hollywood of the south

Members of the cast of Walking Dead address fan questions in Atlanta
Members of the cast of Walking Dead address fan questions in Atlanta
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

The Hollywood of the south was put on ice February 12. One of the biggest ice storms on record shut down businesses in Atlanta, including film and television production.

Shows such as Vampire Diaries and Devious Maids will miss a day of production due to dangerous road conditions. Travel was virtually impossible despite crews salting and sanding the roads. The Walking Dead may miss additional days of production. The zombie show does a lot of outdoor shoots. Ice and snow in a shot would not be in line with the continuity of the footage shot.

Snow and ice storms are not the norm in Atlanta. However, they may huge concern for companies wanting to do business in our city. The amazing ice storm of 2000 happened when the city hosted it's first Super Bowl. City and state officials handled the situation badly. It cost the city another chance to host the biggest sport event of the year. Television and film producers have not threatened to leave the city but Lauren thinks the city should be worried it could happen. Unlike cities in the north east cities in the south are not equipped to handle bad weather. Time is money. Film and television shows that have to shut down do to weather lose millions of dollars. Productions come here because it saves them money.

Atlanta had two storms in two weeks. Things happen in threes, but hopefully Atlanta will be spared the rest of the winter.