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Snorting Smarties: Strange kids craze can cause nasal maggots

One of the latest, and strangest, crazes for kids is causing a lot of issues for both the children and parents alike. Snorting Smarties candy is making the rounds at middle schools according to the NY Daily News on Jan. 20, 2014, and it isn't just disturbing, but is also causing a rash of nasal maggots in the children that participate.

Snorting Smarties can lead to serious medical issues.
candy craze

Parents in Rhode Island, New York, and other states are issuing serious warnings as to the dangers of kids snorting Smarties.

Along with lung infections and internal bleeding, the craze can cause the appearance of nasal maggots. All this happens from a condition called nasal myiasis which occurs when flies lay larvae eggs inside the nose. The flies are attracted to the rotting candy inside the lining of the children's noses.

Officials in a Portsmouth Middle School have said that snorting Smarties has become a "widespread phenomenon" that has swept over YouTube in recent years.

Videos on YouTube actually date back to 2007.

Children have been doing the strange act as a way of imitating cocaine users. Before snorting the Smarties, they crush up the candy with a credit card, push it into lines, roll up money, and then snort it up their noses. Some have even been known to "smoke" the candy.

A number of the videos online of people snorting Smarties has them doing it and then having extreme coughing fits or looking in serious pain.

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