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Snorting Smarties: Not seen as just 'edible' candy to kids anymore

Snorting Smarties sounds like one of the most extreme ways anyone can get high. Children have typically consumed them as an edible source. Now it appears kids are viewing Smarties as sniffing substance to get high and feel good.

FOX News reported Jan. 20 that students at Portsmouth Middle School were seen snorting Smarties. This is supposedly becoming a fast-moving trend among America's youth.

Rebecca Boss, State Behavioral Health Care Administrator of Rhode Island, said it might sound like a joke, but this method kids are using to get high is every bit as serious and dangerous as other inhaled drugs. It poses a "threat of irritation and infection."

The candies are crushed into a powdery substance before being snorted. One of the main warnings in the strange trend is it can cause nasal maggots. It can result in sneezing and gooey discharge from the nose that can get disgustingly worse, Daily Mail reported.

Boss explained what parents and guardians should look for if their child is snorting Smarties -- or any other type of substance.

"Any kinds of changes in behavior are definitely indications that the child is doing something they may not want the parent to know about," Boss said.

Parents have expressed concern over the bizarre trend. They wonder how in the world kids come up with some of this stuff. Obviously this candy that has been around for a long time is not just a source of eating, but to feel something that gives them that elevated sensation.

To some kids snorting Smarties might be a fun thing to do, but if an infection occurs or worse, they will be sorry for doing it. Young people are always looking for a way to feel good. This trend is not new, it was learned. There are reports that as early as 2007 this method of getting high was being used.

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