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Snorting Smarties: Nasal maggots may result, snorting causes real health risks

Snorting Smarties has become a very real threat to kids after it was revealed earlier this week that a number of students in a Rhode Island middle school — and no doubt in other places across the U.S. — were crushing Smarties candy and then inhaling them through the nose. Now, health experts say that in addition to other dangerous health threats, actual nose maggots are more likely to result for child users. Web Pro News explains this frightening and unhealthy trend among school kids and how these complications can occur this Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014.

A set of Smarties candy
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The snorting Smarties craze was confirmed after parents of students at Rhode Island’s Portsmouth Middle School received a mass warning email of numerous kids crushing up Smarties candy, then literally snorting it through the nose. Health officials say only is this foolish and dangerous, it can literally lead to very bad consequences, ranging from severe allergic reactions and bloody noses to lung infections and even nasal maggots.

Oh, and taking in the candy through the nostrils does not get anybody high — at all, adds the press release.

The odds of waking up to find nasal maggots in a kid’s nose may not be huge, but snorting Smarties can lead to these tiny bugs festering up there when the candy, now crushed into a powdery form and rotting lodged in the nasal cavity, can draw flies through the nostrils. The flies can stay in the region for a long enough time to actually spread infection or even lay eggs, with bigger batches topping up at 150 for the usual housefly, only a day after being laid.

Though highly uncommon, nasal maggots have a scientific name as well: nasal myiasis. Parents are now being warned in the area that if they continue to see their kids scratching their nose for an itch they can’t solve and might have taken part in inhaling the snorted Smarties, it could be the maggot flies in their nose. Of course, small white “boogers” might also be a real worry of the resulting health risk.

“The snorting behavior, meant to emulate the appearance of snorting cocaine, has become widespread. Fifteen students at Frontier Middle School in Hamburg, New York, were caught doing it, and a nine-year-old boy in Atlanta was suspended from school for snorting. Many Smartie enthusiasts have uploaded videos of themselves snorting–a YouTube search yields 1300+ results—some of which have garnered tens of thousands of views, including the classic “snorting Smarties with tampon” (see below), which has over 54,000 views as of this writing.”

“It’s not cool and it’s certainly not good for you,” concludes one official on the snorting Smarties craze. “The candy is meant to be eaten, not inhaled. Don’t hurt yourself.”

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