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Snorting Smarties: Crushing and snorting candy a dangerous trend with kids

Snorting Smarties, this is a new and dangerous trend that entails kids snorting the chalk-like candy, ground into a powder. It is on the rise and many YouTube videos are dedicated to this snorting Smarties today, according to Fox News on Jan. 21.

Snorting Smarties is a dangerous new trend gaining popularity among kids today.
YouTube screen shot

One middle school in Rhode Island has seen this trend on the rise in recent weeks. Kids in this school have gotten caught snorting the Smarties in the same manner as you would snort cocaine.

According to “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning live, there is nothing that the kids are getting from this behavior, by way of a high. It is apparently just a “cool thing to do,” but also it is a very dangerous behavior.

Ground into a powder the round Smarties are then snorted through a straw or a rolled-up dollar bill up the child’s nose. Other than giggles coming from their friends because they’ve actually consumed candy up their nose, it does not do a thing to alter their moods, like snorting drugs would do.

Snorting the candy leaves the child wide open for a nasal maggot infestation, nasal scarring, allergic reactions, lung irritation or infection. Fox live today, warned about the very real possibility of maggots forming on the residue stuck up in the nasal cavity, which is left over from snorting the candy. This alone is a disgusting outcome of this behavior.

Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island has warned the parents of the fourth through eighth grade kids at the school of this new and dangerous trend.

According to the New York Daily News today, this snorting of the Smarties candy is nothing new. YouTube videos depicting this behavior trace back to 2007, but it wasn’t wide spread.

A few videos back then showed kids doing this as a dare. Last year a middle school in Hamburg, New York caught 15 kids snorting Smarties. The school notified parents of the dangers, just as the Rhode Island school is doing today.

Along with the snorting, smoking the Smarties in the ground-up powder form is also growing in popularity today. Parents need to be aware, this can really injure your child.

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