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Snorting Smarties: Children's trend leads to health risks

Snorting Smarties is a growing trend among children which has caused schools to warn parents about the trend. Smarties are small, disk-shaped, multicolored candies sold in a row of wrapped candies. Children, mostly in the middle school-aged group, are crushing up the candies and snorting the crushed Smarties up their noses, according to a Fox News report on Tuesday. Snorting Smarties can result in infestations of nasal maggots worming around in the noses, as well as causing lung infections and internal bleeding.

Smarties are being crushed and snorted up the nose as a middle school trend

When the candies are snorted up the nose, nasal myiasis occurs – which is when flies lay larvae eggs inside of one’s nose. The flies are attracted by the candy stuck up inside the nose’s lining.

The odd trend is quite obviously an attempt for the children to imitate the snorting of cocaine which they have likely seen on television, in YouTube videos, and elsewhere. They have been caught rolling up money or paper to snort the crushed candy up their nostrils.

Though parents are just starting to be warned of the trend in some Rhode Island communities where students have been caught snorting Smarties, YouTube has videos of Smarties being snorted that date back several years.

Parents have been urged to watch for children having a tickling sensation inside their noses as well as a bad odor developing from the children’s nostrils. Symptoms of the nasal maggots include sneezing and a thick substance coming from the eyes – which results in mucus coming from the eyelids. It can also lead to serious infection.

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