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Snorting Smarties candy? Dangerous trend by kids has parents shocked

Snorting Smarties candy has become a dangerous new trend that has parents concerned about what their kids are snorting. According to WABC on Monday the bizarre trend has health experts warning about the dangers of snuffing candy. As everyone knows, it’s not normal to put candy in the nasal cavities and a Rhode Island middle school, where the principal sent an email about it to students, had to warn parents that children are experimenting with the idea.

So what started the idea of snorting Smarties candy? While there is no direct path, rumors are that pop culture made it popular. Heard of the game Candy Crush? Looking to utilize the idea of crushing candy, the Smarties candy looks identical to one type of candies seen on the game. Wanting to make the idea become real, kids dare their friends to “crush” the candies and make them disappear.

Instead of eating the Smarties candy, the kids are crushing the candy and inhaling it. The videos, popular on YouTube, are giving kids a firsthand look at how the popular trend is done, which is pushing the idea further.

With the snorting Smarties candy trend moving so fast, some kids are trying this idea without even crushing the candy. Allegedly a few children have ended up in the emergency room with candy stuck in their nose which sounds painful.

Parents with concerns about their children snorting Smarties candy should contact their doctor for medical help.

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