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Snoqualmie "Whistle Stop" Red Blend 2010

A great value Cab-Merlot Blend.
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“Bordeaux” the very word brings to mind wine, wine of depth and expression that is beyond the reach of many casual wine drinkers. While that point is debatable, I have reviewed a couple of good entry point wines from Bordeaux in this space, we now have an easy way to dip your toe in the style of wine from that revered area, Snoqualmie’s 2010 “Whistle Stop” Red Blend.

A blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot similar to many wines from the Left Bank the Whistle Stop is an impenetrable garnet color in the glass with a nose of dark fruit, clove and an herbal note which all carry through into the palate. Blackberry and currant backed by a touch of cherry end with a note of fresh green herbs combine with some spice and from oak present a complex movement of flavor from the front of the mouth to the back of the tongue. While the mid palate drops off a bit this wine moves smoothly from the beginning of the taste to the lingering end. The finish is marked with tannin and acidity that keeps the wine from being flabby and provides the structure and balance that separates a crafted wine from a fruit drink.

The “Whistle Stop” like many Bordeaux reds can be appreciated on its own, but also calls for food. Preferably beef, but anything with a little fat to accommodate the tannic nature could be a substitute, nothing dainty though, this is a wine that can stand up to solid and weighty meal and would overpower lighter foods.

Available all over town the 2010 Snoqualmie “Whistle Stop” Red Blend is shelf priced around the $10 mark. The bottom line is that for those who want to “experience” a Left Bank Bordeaux red or who like them, but don’t always want to pay the price this wine is a great buy and one that deserves a place at your table or for a quiet evening reflecting on the events of the day.

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