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Snoqualmie Columbia Valley Chardonnay 2012

A wine without pretension

Rounding out the list of Snoqualmie wine I have has the pleasure of reviewing the last few months is the 2012 Snoqualmie Columbia Valley Chardonnay. Not bold and in your face in its approach, this wine seems almost tailor made for our hot summer weather here in Southwest Florida with its simple and straightforward nature.

Pouring golden yellow into the glass is a bit unexpected given the fairly light nose of pineapple and lemon meringue with a hint of coconut it is clean and pleasant, like suntan oil on the beach. Based on the origin of the grapes I expected a blend of apple and pear in the flavor profile, but instead of apple there was stone fruit, nectarine and peach, possibly due to a little Viognier blended into the Chardonnay juice. Following the open the flavor profile lightened up with a touch of pear as it moved past the mid palate into notes of vanilla and cream in the end. With a notable easy going level of acidity the finish had surprisingly persistent length and the whole package had an overall feeling of weight and softness in the mouth. However, don’t think this is a soft and plushy fruit wine; it is a dry Chardonnay wine from start to finish.

I enjoyed this wine on its own in the heat of a South Florida evening; don’t be afraid of serving with a meal though. The weight of this wine allows it to work with fish, chicken, cream sauces and pasta, but the subtlety of the flavors allows it to work with lighter salads too. Bottom line this is a wine that will fit many places and events in your life as a standalone, for “happy hour” with finger food appetizers and snacks or a meal with friends and while it won’t carry the meal, it will serve as a fine accompaniment.

The 2012 Snoqualmie Columbia Valley Chardonnay is a label that is widely available in our area stores. The 2012 vintage is a little higher priced than past years, though what hasn’t drifted up in the wine world lately. When you find it expect to pay in the $10 to $12 range, less if on sale, but this is a good value even at the regular price point.

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