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Snopp Dogg trolls LeBron James, Cavs with Kobe Bryant meme

Snoop Dogg has a very valid point with his Lakers' meme.

When the day of Friday, July 11, 2014, rolled around, no-one expected the sheer amount of NBA news that would be coming out. The biggest news is that reported that LeBron James would be leaving Miami and returning to Cleveland. Not long after the announcement, Snoop Dogg got on Instagram and trolled King James and the Cavaliers' fans with a Kobe Bryant meme.

James officially announced to take his free agency and leave South Beach and return to his home in Ohio. His article on SI detailed how he loved Ohio so much and wanted to be back where he's loved and everyone is his family.

Well, Snoop Dogg is a huge Los Angeles Lakers' fan and he decided to take this "I'm Returning Home" business by James, and troll everyone. Snoop jumped on his Instagram account and posted a picture of Kobe Bryant with the simple words stating, "I Never Left."

Sure, Bryant may not be from Los Angeles originally, but he has spent his entire career with one team and won a number of championships. Now, James has won a couple of championships and wants to return home because it is apparently where he belongs.

Four years ago, James went on ESPN with the nationally televised show titled "The Decision," and said he was bringing his talents to South Beach.

That was when the entire city of Cleveland, and likely the state of Ohio, turned on James. His jerseys were burned. Huge letters were written that James wasn't needed. It was a mess that has obviously just been forgotten.

James is going home. Bryant never left. It's going to be interesting to see how the 2014 season turns out all around.

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