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Snoop Dogg launches selfie into the 'Destiny' universe

Excited for some Destiny?
Excited for some Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

Selfie, the word that everyone is talking about and many are becoming enthralled with. Who says you need two to tango anyway? You only need one to selfie.

Okay okay, that aside, Snoop Dogg has decided to jump into the selfie world and not only that, take it to the next level with Activision's highly anticipated upcoming game Destiny. Snoop-a-loop took his selfie and it ended up being sent to planets beyond our own. As a matter of fact, it's in the world of Destiny.

Activision and Destiny are sending out an open invite to fans who may or may not be in attendance at E3 to participate. You can capture your own selfie and tweet it to @DestinyTheGame with the #DestinySelfie, and then Activision will do the rest by sending it to the far reaches of outer space. If you wish, you can track your selfie via Destiny's website.

This is a nice, fun way for fans who are not able to get into the E3 action to feel involved. With a PS4 exclusive alpha coming up this Thursday through Sunday for owners of the PlayStation 4, what better way to get hyped for it then to selfie?

But before you decide now is your time to out selfie another selfie, there are some important things to remember when considering selfie-ing. It's crucial to make sure your photo is simple, yet discoverable. In fact, your mug needs to be the least interesting part of the selfie, are you picking up what we're putting down?

For example, if one was supposed to create a selfie with a Vince Vaughn flavor, then it would make sense to have some sort of wedding cake or pastry, a beer bong, a swing, someone Googling and a Santa hat. If you're wondering what the references for all of those items are, the explanation is here: Wedding Crashers, Old School, Swingers, The Internship and Fred Claus (or Four Christmases).

Now that you all are well equipped to get into the selfie universe, you can now get on board with the Destiny selfie promo as well as get ready for the Destiny alpha that starts tomorrow.

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