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Snooki: A Baby Mama?

Snookie gives birth
D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Jersey Shore. Let's face it. Most people fill their DVRs or Thursday nights with the outrageous episodes of The Jersey Shore to watch the gang stumble through their ridiculously shallow attitudes, over compensating self images, and oh-so-crazy clubbing and party days. There's even been speculation that some of the characters' actions have been conjured because of the presence of the cameras. This type of entertainment is always viewed under the "I can't believe this is actually real" category. It's sort of like the grotesque scene in a move that you just can't take your eyes off of, but can't really understand why. It's too disgusting to watch, but it's so much more incredibly ridiculous that you just can't stand to miss it.

The question that MTV and all its viewers are probably asking now is: "How is Snooki going to pull this off now?"When she makes appearances on Jersey Shore, can she pull of the promiscuity, wild partying, crazy drinking, and everything else as a mom, or will the show take a 180 turn? Either way, MTV will get its ratings, and Snooki will get her paychecks. We'll just have to wait and see.

One Jersey Shore we may see would be what I will call "Snooki in Denial." This new mother will desperately try to maintain the lifestyle she had in the previous seasons. She'll be a horrible mom, get sitters to watch little Snookie while she's out shakin' it. If this is the case, I don't see the show lasting much longer. Especially since the producers are stating that the new seasons will showcase a new and more mature cast. The Situation, who has sworn off drinking, J-Woww and Deena who will sustain, or at least attempt to devout their love to their long-term boyfriends. I hope America won't continue their obsession with a washed up Jersey boys and girls who won't give up their night lives.

The more probable option is some version of an all grown up and responsible mother. She'll be a great nurturer, and learn the ropes of motherhood on the air with her adoring fans tuning in. She'll still have her blonde moments, and people will love her for them. Needless to say, it'll be a completely different show. Instead of drama filled circumstances, there will be diaper filled disasters. Instead of late nights a booty shakin', it'll late night baby rockin'. As you can imagine, it's not exactly nail biting adventure. There's only one problem with this option: can it sustain the viewers who got sucked into Jersey Shore? Or will she, and can she draw an entirely new audience?

In all reality, she and the MTV writers will probably figure out a way to walk the fine line between the two. America loves to watch people figure it out, even if it is just watching a party girl weasel her way into being a "good mom" without totally losing her social life, as most people do when parenting starts. My question is this: Will generation Y be bored enough to continue with the old dead-beat mom Snooki, accept the new Snookie, or has her fame ended? We'll see! Either way, it's bad enough for America to at least check out a few episodes.


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