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Snooki visited by the paranormal?

Snooki visited by the paranormal?
Photo by Cindy Ord

Everyone has experienced something in their home that has spooked them even if it's just a strange shadow or a popping floor board. In fact, there are entire television shows dedicated to investigating the paranormal claims made by scare homeowners, but what happens when that person is a celebrity? On Monday, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tweeted about something “spooky” going on in her house. The question is; is Snooki being haunted?

In a tweet posted on Twitter Monday, Snooki told her Twitter followers that something “spooky” was going on in her house. She explained that a toy owned by her son, Lorenzo had been playing by itself over night. Then, she explained that her closet door kept shutting on its own.

Of course there's no way to know if Snooki's house is haunted for sure, but many of her followers offered advice on how she should deal with the strange occurrences. Some said she should burn sage to clear the house of bad energy. Others urge her to put up video cameras in her home to try to get photos of the "ghost." One follower even tried to explain what could be happening by suggesting that the batteries in Lorenzo's toy may be dying.

Snooki rose to fame as a member of the cast of the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore,” which first aired in December 2009, and wrapped in December of 2012 just months after Polizzi's son was born. Polizzi gave birth to her 2-year-old Lorenzo in August 2012, and recently announced she is expecting a second baby later this year.

In April, Polizzi and LaValle told Us Weekly that they hope their second child is another boy. However, Polizzi added that although she would be happy with either sex she really does hope for a boy because she is not ready for a miniature version of herself.