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Snooki tries on wedding dress: Pregnant Snooki getting married before baby #2?


Snooki tried on a wedding dress or two in preparation for her upcoming wedding. The big question, however, is whether or not Snooki will marry her beau, Jionni LaValle, before she gives birth to their second child. The lovebirds are expecting a baby girl later this year -- but Snooki has been talking a lot about her wedding which suggests that she could be a married woman by the time her daughter is born.

"This is NOT [the] dress, but something like it. How gorgeous is this dress? I loved it, but needed more of an UMPH. I'm too short for an elegant mermaid dress, but I loved how vintage and classy this was. Can't wait for the big day to show you all the dress I did pick out (sic)," Snooki wrote on her website (along with the photo on the left).

It's possible that Snooki tried on this wedding dress before she got pregnant and she's just sharing the photo now, but based on what else she has said recently, it sounds like she's moving right along with her wedding plans despite her pregnancy.

"I'm now searching some good hairstyles from the '20s, something very elegant and classy but sexy at the same time. For makeup I'm thinking the girls have a natural, sexy look with a red lip. There's just so many decisions that need to be made, and it's hard because I'm loving everything I'm seeing!" Snooki said.

She also revealed that she and Jionni's wedding will be this coming fall -- and that her baby will be born before the big day. "We planned to have a second child before our wedding," she explained.

The reality star has been staying fit throughout her pregnancy so she will more than likely be able to take the baby weight off easily -- and she will look lovely in her wedding gown.