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Snooki’s parking skills under question? Star gets called out on social media

Snooki under fire for where she parks
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Snooki is looking to be a mom again and the star couldn't be more excited. Sharing with the fans her latest happenings in life, the star has been getting ready for another child which means a trip to the nearest baby store to pick up a few essentials. Letting her fans know, the star got an earful when she posted a picture revealing she would be parking in the pregnancy parking space called the “Stork Section.” According to The Stir on Monday, the fans responded negatively to the idea that she was using the spot and not yet sporting a baby bump.

While most stars avoid conflict, Snooki took on all the negative talk. Sharing there were less than a dozen cars in the lot and reminding everyone that she would not have parked there if there were other ladies needing the space.

Snooki has definitely been under fire lately for almost everything she does. While social media is designed to share the best in life, it might be that Snooki shares too much or people are so jealous of her success that trying to discredit her every move has become a game.

Frankly it doesn't matter where the star parks in a parking lot as that’s nobody else’s business. It just goes to show if you have an Twitter account, an opinion and time on your hands it is possible to be an authority on anything. Even a parking spot.

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