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Snooki pregnant: Nicole Polizzi reportedly expecting second baby

Reports claim that Snooki is pregnant with her second baby
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Is reality TV star Snooki pregnant again? That's the word making the rounds, though Nicole Polizzi isn't dishing out details quite yet. TMZ shared the latest on Feb. 22.

Fans of the “Jersey Shore” star and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant may well remember that Polizzi kept her first pregnancy under wraps for quite some time, so it won't come as a surprise if indeed Snooki is pregnant with her second baby and keeping it under wraps for a bit once again.

TMZ shares that while Polizzi's camp isn't saying boo as of yet, Snooki is pregnant but trying to keep some big appearances ahead on the docket. She seemingly worries that if word gets out she's expecting, the opportunities will fall apart. Nicole is reportedly a few months into her second pregnancy.

The first time Snooki was pregnant, with her son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle in 2012, she even denied the pregnancy for a bit. Fans have already been speculating, especially after Polizzi shared a picture on Instagram a few days ago. She's holding Lorenzo and sharing her excitement for the new house her family is building. Some fans wonder if she looks pregnant there, while others say it's just the way she's holding her little guy.

How long will it be before Snooki's pregnancy is confirmed? Will she go ahead and respond to the buzz now that it's out, or will she keep things under wraps for now? The “Dancing With the Stars” and “Jersey Shore” star seems to be a great mom these days to Lorenzo, and many fans won't be surprised to hear that another babe is on the way.

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