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Sno-To-Go delivers icy treats

Candice McClellin

Do you love a good sno-cone? How about your kids? Your church? Your soccer team?  Sno-To-Go is a Grand Prairie-based business that caters these icy treats to parties and events, big or small.  On September 23, 2010, from 4:00 to 8:30pm, they will be set up at Taste of Grand Prairie, where they won the Kids' Choice Award in 2009. Click here for a review of last year's Taste.

The Grand Prairie Restaurant Examiner (GPRE) recently interviewed Candice McClellin (CM), owner of Sno-To-Go:

GPRE:  What prompted you to create Sno-To-Go, and when did you get started?

CM:  I was raised at Aunt Stelle's Shaved Ice in Duncanville. I worked in the shop from 7 to 13 years old. After growing up and trying other things in life, I came back to the one thing I knew I loved: A really good shaved ice!  I had the dream of starting my own shop for years, I decide to take the plunge and start Sno-To-Go in 2008. This is my third summer and the best one yet!

GPRE:  How many events do you go to per week? What is your season? I'm guessing you can be busy 6 months out of the year, due to Texas heat.

CM:  My season starts early April and goes until Halloween. I try to have Halloween night as our last event, after a long summer I enjoy a few months off.  Each week looks different, but all usually jam-packed. On average I work 4-6 days per week, with events ranging from summer camps to corporate office visits, sports to schools and churches to big city celebrations.

GPRE:  What is your most popular flavor? Order? Combination of flavors?

CM:  We offer 25 flavors and 4 sugar-free options. The most popular flavor choice is Cherry, it is the old standard that people order because they are not sure what to order. Tiger's Blood and Blue Coconut are next in line.  What is Tiger's Blood? I get the question all day everyday! It is a shaved ice tradition, a mix of strawberry and coconut. You can find it sold all over the US.

GPRE:  What is the best way to book Sno-To-Go for an event? Is there a minimum number of people, or is it just by the hour?

CM:  People can book an event online, or by phone, 469-261-3779. Our website is handy because all of our pricing is there. Having us out starts at just $75 and that includes 50 shaved ice.

GPRE:  Is there anything else you'd like to add?

CM:  I enjoy the business very much! It am blessed to meet all sorts of great people. Our business has flourished over the years, and 85% of our bookings come from repeat customers and their referrals. I am glad we are doing something right! I look forward to serving the DFW metroplex for many years to come.

Scroll down to see a sno-cone slide show.

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