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Sno' Kidding; Another System's On The Way.....

The seven days ahead
The seven days ahead
Scott Derek

I believe we had it all today; 45 and rain at Midnight(over 0.75" fell before the changeover to sleet and snow), then the changeover of snow(totaling 3.2") occurred with temperatures just a tick above freezing. Areas to the north and west saw more snow while areas to the south and east saw less due to a stubborn rain/snow line; you can take a look at the entire snowfall totals list from across the region(courtesy of National Weather Service Mt. Holly):

snow, systems
The system responsible for Monday's snow has pushed offshore, but another storm is organizing itself across Texas right now

The issue now is with temperatures overnight into the lower 20s anything slushy will freeze and lead to slippery roads.

Tuesday itself will be sunny, but cold with highs just in the upper 30s with a light and variable wind. Clouds will increase overnight with temperatures rising from around freezing into the middle and upper 30s with sleet to some rain as milder air works in; there may be some freezing rain north and west resulting in ice(0.25" possible). This kicks out of here by the evening and after an overnight low in the middle 30s we'll just rise toward freezing despite plenty of sunshine come Thursday.

On Friday there will be a low pressure area along the Carolinas and we may see some high clouds with highs in the upper 30s; another potent low works in from the Gulf of Mexico up the eastern seaboard late Saturday evening into Sunday. Precip type, how much moisture there will be, and also what the temperature will be during that time frame is still way out there. So let's just take one storm at a time(meaning Wednesday's system first!).

You can check out the rest of the seven day(any time) at

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