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'SNL's' Santa is 'black as hell' skit versus Megyn Kelly's 'Santa is white'

Serving liquor to Santa is a bad idea
Serving liquor to Santa is a bad idea
Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images

According to the Dec. 14, 2013 "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update"

(SNL) skit, the political darling Megyn Kelly of FOX News couldn't have been more wrong when she told children worldwide that Santa was white. Santa Claus appeared live, played by Kenan Thompson. As Santa, he sought to correct Megyn's false assumption, saying, "I'm black as hell."

Santa Claus had popped in to address the Megyn Kelly controversy. He explained why the fact that Santa was black had been shrouded in secrecy for all of these years. It was a matter of risk. Santa couldn't afford being pulled over when he and his reindeer were delivering gifts.

The seriously funny skit was as deliberately provocative as Megyn Kelly. Thompson, the Santa, even confirmed his reindeer, Prancer, was gay . However, the line that got the most was laughs was political: "If Mrs. Claus was black, Santa would be living in Atlanta -- near Obama."

It's surprising to many that the color of Santa would be a worthy topic for any skit, even with an upcoming election season looming. In the meantime, it's a bet that most parents will read the traditional, "Twas the night before Christmas," Christmas Eve, not the creative version quoted by Kenan Thompson:

His eyes, how they twinkled, his dimples, they amaze, and when I saw him I exclaimed, ‘Damn is that Isaac Hayes?’

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