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'Sniper Elite 3' Gets New 'Save Churchill Part 2' DLC along with pics and video

Sniper Elite 3 just got its latest DLC for the Steam version. Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast launched on Thursday morning, along with some new high resolution pics and a good looking launch trailer.

Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast
Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast
Rebellion Studios
Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast
Photo Courtesy Rebellion Studios

Save Churchill Part 2 is the second of three different episodes of DLC that are being offered up for Sniper Elite 3. This is a new approach by Rebellion and it seems to be borrowing a little something from the way Telltale has rolled out its games. Sniper Elite 3 doesn’t have a lot in common with Telltale beyond these episodes.

While games like The Walking Dead have plenty of death and destruction, it isn’t nearly as detailed as the shootings that are included in Sniper Elite 3. In Save Churchill Part 2, the player is nestled high up in the outlying mountains of North Morocco. You are staking out a hidden Nazi facility that is mass-producing a brand new generation of experimental weapons.

In Sniper Elite 3, you are trying to enter this particular facility and hunt down one of the worst Nazis, in Raubvogel. This man also happens to be the would-be assassin of Winston Churchill. The point of this new DLC, Save Churchill Part 2 is to go up against a number of terrible Nazi soldiers in order to stop the assassination attempt that will rock the world.

While Sniper Elite 3 and Save Churchill Part 2 are currently only available on PC, this latest version of the series is heading to consoles along with the DLC to the PS3, the PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in September. This will be the first version of the game that will actually be on the next generation consoles.

It stands to reason the high resolution shootings will be even sharper and clearer when Sniper Elite 3 does eventually get to the next gen consoles.