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See also: provides new opportunity for sharing content online

I like to try new things that might be helpful for online marketing efforts.

One new format I have learned about is, which has free and paid subscriptions.

Here is the basic idea:

You find an article you want to share with others on the Internet. You copy the link to the article (I used a Wall Street Journal article link for sharing on Twitter) and paste that into your account.

Then after you enter that link, you can attach to the article you are sharing a link of your own along with a message and link text for your link.

When you share the created link, you are sharing both the original article and content of your own. And presumably, you share content of your own that relates to the original article.

Look at this that I tweeted after creating it — and then click on the link to my blog post that “fits” the topic of the shared Wall Street Journal article:

Data scientists are being sought:

To learn more about, click here.

Kindle Unlimited and Slipp for book authors

Two other new opportunities for book authors to promote their blogs or books are Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and Slipp. Check out my explanation of these two opportunities on Ask PZM August 2014 on Joylene Butler’s blog at

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