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Sneaking in healthy habits when busy with work or travel

It doesn't take much to stay active when away from home
It doesn't take much to stay active when away from home
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You may not be able to exercise, eat three square meals, or partake in stress reduction techniques every day, but you can surely do some combination most days. If you are encountering a hectic time of life, find five or ten minutes before bed (or even while in bed) to sit with your eyes closed and imagine any residual effects of the noise, action, and energy peeling away from you. Also, taking a shower before bedtime helps to wash away the stresses and annoyances of the passing day and clear your energy of it.

If work is overloading you, and you have food options within walking distance, use your lunch time to walk to one of these locations, grab lunch, then walk back. This will get you away from the office and your computer for a bit and will also allow for a bit of exercise. If you bring in your lunch and eat at work, utilize the remainder of your lunch hour to take a walk, as opposed to staying at your desk and reading emails or surfing the web.

If work throws travel at you, are you going to be spending extended time sitting at a work event or conference for a few days? If so, duck out at breaks, or part of lunch, to take a walk or walk a few flights of stairs. If you are staying at hotel lodging, take advantage of an onsite fitness center, or if you are a member of a gym at home, check for sister locations where you will be traveling. Another option, is to find fitness or yoga studios near the area you will be staying and take in a class that fits into your conference or trip schedule. Also, keep water on hand along with some healthy, durable snacks (apples, bananas, grapes, nuts, granola, dry cereal, whole wheat crackers), to keep the quick and easy cookies and pastries from being a constant temptation.

If you are on leisurely travel and know that food will be plentiful, incorporate walking tours, or walk to destinations, rather than taking motorized transportation. If you happen to be on a cruise ship as part of your travels, again take part in walking or active excursions, visit the fitness center on a few occasions during your travels, or head up to the top deck and utilize the running track.

The moral of the story here is that it may be difficult to incorporate all aspects of health and wellness every day, but just because one may be difficult to fit in, does not mean that the entire day must slip into a food or inactivity free-for-all.