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Sneakerheads subculture helps give new definition to Men's Style

Sneaker heads show a great sense of style

A man's style isn't only measured by his wardrobe selections. It is measured by the hobbies he has in his life, the attitude with which he approaches his work, his life, family and friends. It is how comfortable he feels with himself and how he displays it to everyone else. "Sneakerheads", a group that grew out of the hip hop and skater subcultures during the 70's and 80's, show a definite sense of style. Now, it can be anyone and everyone. They collect shoes that have value (limited editions, special colors, vintage) and can wear them or hold them as one would do with a painting or a baseball card. Sneakers give men an opportunity to experience with color in their own individual ways--the antithesis to the metrosexual male. Sneakers are worn to play sports and make the wearer feel his most casual and comfortable.

The status of men in today's world, a world dominated by beautiful, independent women, is in flux. A woman's site, states that a man's biggest fault is his insecurity to feel emasculated in society and in a relationship because he feels he must meet the sterotype of a macho man. A psychological study though, conducted in 2008 by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, shows that a majority of men did not list the desire to be masculine as an important quality. They listed having a good relationship with one's partner, confidence in one's self and good health as important measures. Sneakerheads offer a sample of what a man with a sense of style should be. The link below shows great examples of models wearing sneakers combined with other clothes.

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