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Sneak preview of 'Super Rad Raygun' released as public debut draws near

TruFun Entertainment, makers of the hit indie game Rad Raygun, are set to give players another dose of retro platformer action.

TruFun has shown Rad Raygun fans a sneak peek of the upcoming sequel

The North Texas-based indie studio posted a preview clip of Super Rad Raygun: The Lost Levels on Sunday, June 29. The updated version of this throwback to Mega Man and classic Nintendo Game Boy titles adds numerous new features to the challenge that made the original Rad Raygun a successful release.

"I spent most of my childhood trying to learn anything that could get me in the video game industry, such as programming and 3D animation," programmer Chris Bryant said in a 2013 interview. "I can remember being 13 or 14 and wanting absolutely nothing for Christmas. All I wanted was knowledge. I wanted to know how to make games."

Combining classic game play mechanics with a vintage handheld look and a ton of 1980s references, the original Rad Raygun received a positive review from noted indie game critic Indie Gamer Chick and managed to gain a strong following among speedrunners and indie game fans. The website for the original game touts special features such as "Four Shades of Green!" and "Pop Culture References" as a parody of both itself and marketing of video games from the time period that inspired it. A number of characters within the game strongly resembled iconic eighties celebrities, including President Ronald Reagan and a pre-politics Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Among the additions to the new game include obstacles such as falling overhead compartment luggage within an airplane level, wind and rainstorms and a dark stage where the player's vision is limited, requiring fast reactions during jumps and falls. Also shown in the preview trailer is a boss enemy that strongly resembles Michael Jackson, but not officially Michael Jackson, of course. Also included are levels that take place in 1980s versions of notable locations around the world, including China's Tiananmen Square.

More recent posts also note that the game runs with 60fps, a sharp improvement from the resolution seen in the original Rad Raygun.

Super Rad Raygun will make it's first public appearance at the Sheraton Hotel during ScrewAttack's SGC 2014 event in Dallas on July 11 - 13. In addition to a playable version of the game being available in the event's indie games room, there will be merchandise such as game soundtracks available. Bryant will also be sitting on a panel about indie video games with a variety of video game personalities on Friday night, the first night of the event, to discuss the current market for indie video games and what the future of the marketplace may hold.

The game has also been submitted for entry into the Boston Festival of Indie Games, taking place on September 13.

Super Rad Raygun: The Lost Levels is scheduled to be released for the Xbox 360 and Steam later this year.

More about the original game can be seen via the game's official website at Updates can also be followed via TruFun Entertainment's official Twitter handle @trufun202.

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