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Sneak peek of 9/11 museum

Survivors and relatives of the Sept. 11 attacks were able to get the first look at the new museum dedicated to the victims of the tragedy on Thursday.

The National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York is set to officially open to the public May 21.

The AP reported that President Obama dedicated the museum, which stands where the World Trade Center initially stood before it was destroyed in the attacks.

Among the artifacts at the museum at two of the columns from the towers as well as a shield worn by a N.Y.P.D. officer, one Moira Smith, who died helping people escape from the towers.

Her daughter, Patricia, was one of those present at the dedication.

Some of the guests felt sadness looking at the artifacts, while others felt inspired.

"You have your moments when there can be solitude, moments when there can be happiness, and a mixture of emotions through the entire museum," said former New York Mayor Michael Greenberg, who was also present.

Obama stated that he views of museum as a symbol of America.

"Like the great wall and bedrock that embrace us today, nothing can ever break us. Nothing can change who we are as Americans," he said.

Anyone interested in becoming a museum member can get details for how to do so on its website.

Admission is $24 for adults, $18 for those 65 or older and $15 for children ages 7-17. Children 6 and younger can be admitted for free.

“The opening of the National September 11 Memorial Museum in May 2014 marks the culmination of an eight-year odyssey,” museum director Alice Greenwald wrote on the site's mission statement. “The collaborative process of envisioning this Museum involved curators, educators, exhibition developers, architects, landmark preservationists, representatives of various constituencies (among them, family members of victims, survivors of the attacks, first responders, former recovery workers, and lower Manhattan residents and business owners, all with a vested interest in what this Museum should and would present), and exhibition designers and media producers charged with translating all of the various imperatives into a cogent and meaningful experience.”

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