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Sneak peek: How will Victoria handle news Emily is pregnant on ‘Revenge’?

With how desperately Victoria has tried to sabotage Emily and Daniel’s wedding, can you just imagine her reaction when she learns that Emily is pregnant? Fortunately for us, E! Online shared a sneak peek of her reaction on Dec 4 and you can catch it in the video.

Victoria learns about Emily's pregnancy
Photo by YouTube (Screen Capture)

In the scene, Emily is warning Daniel that Lydia is not only alive but upstairs in Grayson Manor with Victoria. Just then the two women descend the grand staircase. After a few sarcastic remarks between Lydia and Emily, Lydia give Emily a shove off the front door stairs and she tumbles to the floor.

We’ve all the seen the clip where Daniel races to help her and Victoria chides him for it. Then he tells Victoria that Emily is pregnant. Until now, we haven’t seen how Victoria reacted to the news. Emily rights herself, apologizes for Victoria having to hear it this way and smiles her sweetest I-hope-that-stabbed-you-in the-heart- smile. Victoria’s response is priceless.

The next episode of “Revenge” entitled “Surrender” will air Sunday, Dec. 8 at 8 p.m. Don’t miss it! And check back often for more news, updates and spoilers!

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