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Sneak peek at new cast members of 'Breaking Amish' Season 2

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The show, "Breaking Amish" is returning to TLC for its second season. It is returning with a new cast and a new setting. Last year’s cast will have their own spin-off series, “Breaking Amish: Brave New World.” This year they will be filming in Los Angeles.

They will live together and experience many new “firsts” that most English people take for granted. The six young cast members need to make some tough decisions on how they want to live their lives. Will they want to return to their communities with a strict lifestyle of faith and family, or stay among the English?

The six new cast members of "Breaking Amish" are Betsy, Devon, Iva, Lizzie and Matt. Here is their bio information according to the website, People.

Betsy is a 21-year-old Amish woman from Ohio. Her story is slightly different than most. She was adopted into an Amish family as a baby, and she married an Amish man. Occasionally has tried to live outside of the faith. She struggles being Amish, and she wants to experience life outside her community.

Devon is an Amish man, 21 years old. He lives in Indiana with his parents.

Iva is 19 years old, an Amish woman from Pennsylvania. She comes from a broken home. Her mother lives in the Amish community, but her father left.

Lizzie is from Pennsylvania, 21 years old and comes from a large Amish family. Lizzie has experienced a life outside the community. She has a secret and feels that leaving the community may be her opportunity to break free.

Matt is a 24-year-old Mennonite man from Pennsylvania. Matt and his family wasn’t always Mennonite. They joined the community when Matt was 7 years old. He has two siblings that have already left the community. Matt has a desire to learn about fashion design and his leaving will give him the opportunity to pursue his dream.

"Breaking Amish" premiers on Sunday, July 21 at 9 p.m. central on TLC.

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