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Sneak peek at Michelle Stafford's ‘General Hospital’ debut as Nina Clay

Sneak peek at Michelle Stafford ‘General Hospital’ debut as Nina Clay
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Michelle Stafford has joined the cast of “General Hospital” as Nina Clay, who has been in a coma for nearly two decades. Stafford previously portrayed Phyllis Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” Phyllis Newman is currently in a coma.

On Monday, May 19 a video sneak peek posted on YouTube shows Michelle Stafford, as Nina Clay, awakening from a coma. Her eyes fly open and she whispers, “Silas.” Fans find it ironic that Michelle Stafford left her role as a comatose Phyllis Newman and is now portraying Nina Clay, who is awakening from a coma.

When Michelle Stafford exited her role as Phyllis Newman she said she was open to returning to soap operas at some point. At the time Michelle said she wanted to focus on something new, a project she named “The Stafford Project” which can be seen on her website or YouTube channel.

In the extended sneak peek of "General Hospital" fans see Silas arrives home from work to thank Sam for the flowers she sent. Sam reveals she did not send him the flowers and the couple assumes it was a mix-up at the florist. But could those flowers have been sent by Nina, a sign that she wants her husband bac

Taking on the role of Nina Clay on "General Hospital," Michelle Stafford joins former “Young and the Restless" co-stars Maura West, ex-Diane Jenkins, and Emme Rylan, ex-Abby Newman. Rumors have been circulating for months that former “Young and the Restless” co-star Michael Muhney, ex-Adam Newman, is also headed to Port Charles, the fictional town in which “General Hospital” is set.

Recently Stafford gave an interview in which she said she left the role of Phyllis Newman after 15 years because she felt she had taken the character as far as she could. Sources say that tensions between Stafford and executive producer Jill Farren Phelps were so high that Michelle decided to leave the show. Almost a year has passed and the role of Phyllis Newman has not yet been recast. In an exclusive interview a former “Young and the Restless” co-star said that it would take an actress with Oscar-winning qualities to replace Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Newman.

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