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Sneak peek at 'Kandi's Wedding': Mama Joyce and Todd's mom gets into fight?

On a sneak peek episode of “The real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding”, a fight broke out between the moms in honor of defending their adult children. Apparently the disagreement started when both families were trying to sort out guest accommodations and Todd’s mother, Sharon, didn’t appreciate the way the discussion was going. “You’re not going to argue about me staying with my son,” she quipped.

Kandi Burrus
Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Mama Joyce quickly shut down Sharon by making it clear whose home she was a guest in. Joyce drew a line in the sand daring Sharon not to cross it and that’s when the fight ensued. The moms hurled insults and threats at each other, but when Sharon called Joyce out of her name, the fight escalated to near-blows. Joyce put her finger up swinging it back and forth in Sharon’s direction, and Sharon swatted at her hand. Todd grabbed his mother and Joyce was held back by a family member to keep the adversaries apart.

Todd appeared to revel in watching his mother defend his honor because he hardly said a word to her. We are all aware of Kandi's unremitting love for her mother and will not allow anyone to speak ill of her under any circumstances, even if Joyce is out of line. Kandi surprisingly held her composure and tried to amend the situation by not letting the mothers’ fight go too far .“Get your mom, Todd.”

Looking back over the past two seasons with Mama Joyce and Todd at odds, many thought her protective behavior had to do with conserving Kandi's fortune. It wasn't until Kandi began building a relationship with her estranged father, Titus Burruss, when things became more clearly why Joyce has such disdain for Todd. Joyce continues to harbor thirty years of anger and resentment for Titus and in turn, seems to deject her anger towards her son-in-law.

On more than one occasion, Joyce has accused Titus of being an absentee parent who has never done anything for Kandi. To that end, Joyce makes a lot of comparisons between Todd and Titus. Joyce claims Titus wasn’t a good provider and says he only wanted something to do with Kandi when it was convenient. She questions Todd’s ability or inability to financially provide for Kandi and says he is with her out of financial convenience.

Is Joyce unfairly judging Todd?

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