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Sneak One speaks his mind.

Wednesday night is a good one in Compton California, as I sit down with a razor sharp rapper and all around business man, that goes by the name of "Sneak One". Sitting in his studio watching him lay down a view sample beats, allowed me to see the hard work that goes into getting that right track for his lyrics.

Making his own path towards success.
Sneak One.
Getting the real deal from Sneak One.
Sneak One.

Lyrics that spit fire to his listeners setting him apart from others making half raps, just to make a quick buck on ITunes, as well as a few more paid music download sites. The atmosphere is not diluted with distractions or people that are not helping to bring magic to his music presence, it's just an easy work flow as "Sneak One" calls it. With that being said, let's jump into this interview and hear what "Sneak One" has to say to the readers of Examiner.

1Q. Where did the name "Sneak One" come from?

A. My name is an acronym, which I did it because I'm smarter than I look. It stands for silence; explosive, animosity, to kill. Lame cats think it's to be sneaky, but I am not sneaky at all. I am a in your face type of person, real honorable and respectful at all times.

It was a high school nickname that happen to stick with me as I got older, causing a lot of my partners to call me "Uno".

2Q. What got you started on your lyrical journey and why?

A. I was writing poetry at first, but I use to also freestyle since elementary school, while the homies gave me a tight beat box on the back of the bus, after our football games. My friends "K.O." and "Adrian" later told me I should pursue a rap career, so I started turning my poems into rap lyrics.

3Q. Who are your musical inspirations?

A. Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye, Run DMC, Tupac, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, and a list of other greats.

4Q. How long have you been in the music business?

A. I have been in the music business for fourteen years now, as an underground artist. I started doing my thing with "Deep In The Game Records" in the early 2000's. That's where I got a good taste of the music game, as far as performing in and out of state.

My debut was on one of my homeboys albums "Justified The Cali Way", then on "Deep In The game Affiliatez" album, showing I could hold my own. These albums featured some of the west Coast OG's like E-40, Kokane, KMG, Bad Azz, Spice One, and Yung Ha Ha.

5Q. What messages do you try to convey when approaching a topic?

A. My music sometimes expresses a feeling that I am going through at the time. I did a song called "Gangsta Life", but it wasn't the glorification of a gangsters life, but expressing an experience that happens in ones life.

6Q. How has the music industry changed your life, whether it be good or bad?

A. It changed my aspect on life because it's a hustle and what you put forth, is what you will get back in return. I made $10,000 on my first project entitled "Product Of The Environment", which was released in 2004. I wasn't putting my best foot forward in those days, and in the music industry it's more than just being an artist, you have to have a well run team.

7Q. If you could do a track with anyone at this point in time, who would it be and why?

A. I would like to do some music with "Lil Durk" or "Rich Homie Quan", because their hooks go hard, with a soulful type of flow.

8Q. Can you name a hot track you have heard in the last week?

A. That "French Montana" track called "Millionaire Thought", as well as "Tyga" track called "Bang Out".

9Q. Who do you have playing in your car cd system right now?

A. I have "Nipsey Hustle", "Rich Homie Quan", "Young Jeezy", "Fabulous", "E-40", "O Jays", it's a cool list of people I play in my ride.

10Q. If you could accomplish one dream by tomorrow what would that dream be?

A. It would be to open my own record company.

11Q. What does it take to be successful in the music industry and why?

A. It's your sound along with finding a great engineer, one can't make great music without the other.

12Q. Where can our readers go to purchase your music?

A. My music can be purchased from "", "", "", "", ", and a few more other sites.

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and my readers, to tell us a little about yourself as well as your music "Sneak One", your interview is appreciated.

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