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Snapshot and history of tech giant Google

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Taking a looking back at Google’s evolution allows us to see where company is at the present time. A new infographic published Monday by offers a comprehensive look at this American multi-national company and its transformation beyond a search engine.

The visual graphic is broken down into four sections: Google’s Algorithmic Updates, Google Revenue and Profit, Google Product Timeline, Google User Facts and Figures.

In each section individual section the information is illustrated through a timeline, a graph along with use metrics for the company’s products. It’s hard to believe how much goes into a single search today when one goes back through time.

“American multi-national and search giant Google has grown rapidly. Since its inception, they’re continuously changing their algorithm to offer more relevant, more helpful and useful results to billions of their users. In this infographic, you’ll find evolution and growth of this company and lot more,” according to the Canada-based website ReviewZap.

The company was slow to recognize the popularity of social media networking and as a result it launched its Google Plus service. After the integration of Autocomplete, Google started to include data into its search results from websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Advertising has been a huge source of revenue for the company, and it continues to diversify the business to other important markets.

Below is a list of Google metrics and facts to remember:

  • 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube
  • 425 million users utilize Gmail
  • 95 percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertising
  • 6 billion plus hours of video are watched each month on YouTube

It's undeniable that Google continues to be a dominant force in the world of innovation and technology. The company has a healthy financial standing that allows it to venture out to other areas of business.