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Snapchick: The Secret of her Success is hard work and brilliant marketing


One of my passions is photography and in fact I own a small photography company. In my quest to become a better photographer, I tried to find on the web photographers that could help me develop both artistically and technically. I found many that I rejected. However, a couple of years ago I came across the YouTube channel of an amazing young lady going by the name Snapchick ( and almost immediately I decided to follow her (including her, I only follow two Photographers). She is a classic example of how to build a successful business. In fact, she IS the company (like Steve Jobs was Apple and Bill Gates was Microsoft). From her personality, to her hard work, to her commitment, to her artistry, I must admit I liked everything about her.

I have been a professor for many years, but in this instance I was her student and she is an amazing teacher: not once has she made me feel inadequate or stupid. She is not pretentious. She does not focus on what I am doing wrong or what is the absolute “right way”; instead she focuses on making my photography experience a more fun, fulfilling, and enjoyable experience. While all these things have helped her become successful, her business savvy does not stop there. Her real name is Brittany Leigh and over the last few years I’ve seen her develop and flourish and become even better than she was when I first saw her on YouTube. Her YouTube channel is approaching 60,000 followers: a fairly impressive number by any measure. I’m also a subscriber to her website and her site is one that I visit most certainly on a weekly basis, if not more often.

But what makes Brittany successful? While she is clearly a very good photographer I do not think her success is only due to her photography skill but rather for her amazing marketing skills, that without doubt contributed to her success. She has an innate ability to very successfully utilize technology and social media to enhance her business: the fact that she is a very attractive young lady does not hurt. But people that think that that’s what caused her success are missing the point. I am not sure if she is a better photographer or better business woman but I would hire her as either without any hesitation. It is very clear that she works very hard, she has generated many videos for her YouTube channel and her site, in addition to authoring a book, running a successful photography business and her website. I like how she is never judgmental: while she gives great photography advice, she has an amazing ability to do so while not making the audience feeling inadequate. She is pretty phenomenal at what she does and I would be very surprised if her business does not exponentially grow and become even better.

Like every successful business person, she seemed to understand very early that going grandiose is not the way to run the business. She often discusses how to do things using inexpensive approaches: not always utilizing the most expensive equipment and sometimes not necessarily even photography equipment. For example, in one of her videos she describes how one could use shop lights from a hardware store that are very inexpensive rather than photography studio lights, which are extremely expensive, to achieve very good results. She places the emphasis on the artist - the photographer - rather than the equipment. She uses herself as a model (clearly the fact that she is attractive helps her here) and that choice is demonstrating the core of being successful: first it saves her money, and secondly demonstrates her abilities as a photographer.

Brittany has created a very nice company and I believe that she can eventually grow it into an empire, if she so chooses. She has mentored me as a photographer and I would be more than happy to mentor her in business. I am paying to be a member of her site and have purchased her book titled Memberture (which I suggest as reading to everyone that tries to grow a virtually based business.)

I cannot wait to see the success that Brittany will most certainly achieve and I use her company as a case study in my graduate business classes. If you are interested in photography or the creation of a successful small business, I recommend without any hesitation to follow Brittany and her advice.

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