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Snapback TC resigns from Switch Gear Gang roster

Snapback TC Aug. 213
Snapback TC Aug. 213

Chicago rapper Snapback TC denounced his loyalty to Switch Gear Gang, or SGG, last night, April 3. And with the rap faction at the peak of its popularity, this Examiner questions whether that is really the best move.

The Chicago-native Snapback TC started receiving a huge increase in viral popularity in the summer of 2013 when there was an online battle between Snapback TC and a few former artists he had collaborated with that included Blizzi Boi and producer GALAXY BEATS. Being recruited by SGG approximately a year ago and music videos for his songs "Dead Water" and "I Splash" also helped him receive major clout in the indie rap scene.

Recently, TC has been in the spotlight due to his collaborative efforts with the Oklahoma City-based artist TKO Capone who is SGG's founder, figurehead and primary emcee. TKO Capone has his own list of accomplishments, such as several singles with MTV sensation Riff Raff, being featured on an episode of TMZ and more than eight million views on his music video for "Louis Gucci."

It seems that now would be an inopportune time to disband from the group for the young rapper. Snapback and TKO Capone, along with a few other Switch Gear Gang rappers, dropped a music video titled "Never Lackin" on Oct. 12, 2013, which received just under two million views on World Star Hip Hop within the first 48 hours of its upload. Also, the pair has a video, "Twerk 4 Da Team," that has gotten attention as well. That video even includes a cameo from Juicy J in the beginning introducing the two.

So why at a time when it'd be best to sit back and enjoy the ride, would an artist make a move like this? The move could be related to TKO Capone's recent arrest in Las Vegas or the fact that TC is wanting to start his own record label, but it is unsure at the moment. Snapback didn't give a reason why, just that his talents would be better utilized elsewhere ,stating, "I officially resign from the #SGG roster. I'm taking my talents to Southbeach."

Whether this the real deal or just a joke, there's bound to be repercussions either way.

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