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Snap2Live Where Fashion Meets Purpose

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Fasten your seat belts it’s a fashion necessity! Who knew wearing seat belts could be so fashionable all while promoting safety. Snap2Live belts is a stylish accessory that also helps with a world wide issue. Created by Ernesto Arguello, he's aiming to spread awareness about buckling up, wearing your seat belt and road safety by designing a simple seat belt and turning it into a fashion statement. Arguello is the son of refugees and has the belief that educating people of road safety is vital for improving lives. “I became aware that road crashes are the number one killer in youths globally,” Arguello said. “Creativity was the key to spread the message.”

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Snap2Live joined forces with the United Nations for a decade of action for Road Safety with the mission of saving 5 million lives by 2020 and their commitment to a decade of action for road safety. “The belts are a way for brand enthusiasts to become vocal supporters of the campaign, helping save lives and raise funds,” he said.

“Many of these deaths can be avoidable,” Arguello said. The simple action of wearing seat belts and not texting while driving can save lives. “The model started six years ago in Honduras, and it was a success,” he said. “If it worked there it can work anywhere and change lives.”

“Now people can look good and do good,” he said. The Snap2Live safety belt comes in several colors and is fully adjustable and cost only $30. To purchase a belt and get more information regarding Snap2Live visit their website at