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Snap! is out and Amici is in

Friends in Italian
Friends in Italian

When one door closes another door opens and that is precisely what happened in the Audubon neighborhood in Northeast Minneapolis. Snap! is out and Amici is in.

Amici in Italian means "friends," and owner Greg Pratt wants his new restaurant, Amici, to be a welcome addition to the Audubon neighborhood.

According to Pratt, residents said they wanted a restaurant that not only provided good food but also good service, an element that was sometimes missing at Snap!, the last restaurant that occupied the space. Amici will not only offer good table service but also a variety of Italian fare.

Chef Cam Adair who worked previously for Prima in South Minneapolis will serve up menu items such as baked rigatoni, craft pizzas, Caesar salads, risottos, braised meats and desserts such as crème brulée. Amici also plans to utilize local growers and products.

Amici has a cozy neighborhood vibe. The walls are the color of red clay and textured, bringing warmth to the row of comfortable, maple booths that runs the length of the dining room and is punctuated by the kitchen. The fact that it smells like bread and warm tomatoes is also a plus. 

Amici Pizza & Bistro is located at 2851 Johnson St NE.