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SNAP Collections wins big at the FLCAJ Reader's Choice Awards

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On a gloomy and rainy wintry South Florida day, the HOA world joined together at the FLCAJ’s annual statewide conference & expo held this year at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on January 8, 2013. During the day long conference, board members, managers, and community association members from all over Florida were able to interact in a controlled space in order to try and help make our world of communal living just a little bit better.

The exposition included numerous companies, each of which focused on a different aspect of life in community associations. More than a trade expo for association vendors, the show brings together the best and brightest in the community association industry to enlighten all stakeholders in the industry, especially members of community associations.

One of those many assembled companies was Association Financial Services, which specializes in the collection of late monthly maintenance fees and other fines accrued by individuals who for one reason or another haven't seen fit to pay their fair share while living in the community. This year, SNAP Collections by Association Financial Services was awarded the annual Readers Choice Award for financial services sponsored by the Florida Community Association Journal and Florida Community Association Professionals.

“This comes as a complete surprise to us, but is not undeserved,” said Mitch Drimmer, VP of Business Development at SNAP Collections. “We were expecting in the financial services category that a bank, reserve studies company, or accounting firm would win, but for a collection agency to take the category is extraordinary and surely a sign of the times.” CEO Ken Arnold said, “Associations are hard pressed to pay their bills, and we have done a phenomenal job of recovering funds for condos and HOAs, it’s nice to be recognized by our clients and the communities we serve. The satisfaction of winning is only exceeded by the feeling of validation from the good paying owners in community associations whom are helped by our efforts.”

The Readers Choice Awards is concept created by the Florida Community Association Journal (FLCAJ) and Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) to recognize best practices and operational excellence by community association service providers.

“Financial Services is not considered as a ‘flashy-sexy category’, and certainly debt collections might seem least of all popular, but condos and HOAs are businesses that can be seriously affected by delinquencies, and recovering debt is a service more valued than expected. SNAP Collections is entirely merit based, and in Florida we tell our clients that ‘If we don’t collect we don’t get paid.’" Mitch Drimmer went on to say, “We have taken SNAP Collections national and can service community associations in many states, with the expectation to be serving the entire United States by the end of 2014. Although this is quite an honor, the best reward is helping condos and HOAs maintain their level of service and curb appeal, and do it for them at no cost to the association.”

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