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Snakes suburb: Thousands of snakes turn suburb into Pied Piper-like setting

The headlines reporting snakes in the suburbs might conjure up thoughts of “Snakes on a Plane,” which was a nightmare of a movie, but at least you can eventually get off a plane! How do you get away snakes in your yard, on the sidewalks and in the streets? This boils down to snakes invading the suburbs, but why?

Snakes invade the suburbs of Chicago and folks say the snakes are making their skin crawl!
Wikimedia Commons

According to Newsmax on July 2, the snakes in Naperville, which is a suburb of Chicago, have been increasing in number since becoming a problem a few weeks ago. From what the experts are saying, these snakes are waking up from their winter slumber and now in a feeding frenzy. There are not just a couple of hundred of these slithering creatures, but thousands that are now wide awake and hungry!

This invasion of snakes is in grand proportion and the slithering creatures are more prevalent than ever before. Due to the polar vortex, the snakes had a longer slumber than usual and they are waking up in droves. That extra time in hibernation has rendered the army of snakes invading Naperville famished.

According to NewsOxy, David Drake, a snake expert from Aquarium Adventure, said that “It is unusual for them to be out and that prevalent.” The majority of the snakes that are everywhere you look in town are harmless, just garter snakes and water snakes. Because four species of venomous snakes are native to the area, Drake warns not to pick up the snakes just in case the one you decide to handle is one of the poisonous species.

So why did these snakes come out of their burrows seemingly all at once like someone flipped a switch and boom, they are here? Experts are blaming the soaking rains driving them out of their burrows. Many residents are terrified of the snakes even though the snakes mean them no harm.

Now that the reason for this infestation has been explained, it doesn’t make it any easier for the people who live in Naperville. These folks need to watch every step they take when outside the house. People are reporting that the sight of all these snakes are making their “skin crawl.”

Just looking out the window of a neighborhood home you can see the effect that the snakes are having on the area. Delivery men are looking like they are walking through a mine-field, taking each step with precision after looking both ways. Some are allowing themselves that much time in the open. Some deliveries are made by the delivery person running to the door, dropping off the package and high-tailing it back to their truck.

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