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Snakes Naperville Illinois: Massive snake infestation in Chicago suburb a scare

Snakes in Naperville, Illinois, are amounting to such numbers in this particular Chicago suburb that residents are saying they have a true infestation on their hands. The massive number of snakes this summer may be a scare in and of itself, but local officials are telling people not to worry too much about the serpentine invasion. As News Oxy reveals in an inside report this Sunday, June 29, 2014, a majority of these snakes are harmless and pose no threat to people — just don’t step on their tails.

Snakes in Naperville, Illinois, are becoming a real scare for residents
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

One woman, Nancy Quigley, has revealed that the snakes Naperville Illinois scare has become all too real for her this month, especially with the incursion occurring right in her own backyard. She mentioned that the animals have been slithering out onto her doorstep and become a frightening nuisance whenever she tries watering the flowers near her bushes. Worst of all, the snakes apparently aren’t scared of her human presence any longer.

“I’ll have five and six of them on my bushes,” the woman alleged. “They were twice as big as they were last year. They’re not afraid of me anymore.”

According to the press release, literally thousands of snakes in Naperville alone are coming out of hibernation to slither around and enjoy the warm weather this summer 2014. Yet what is coming as something of an alarming surprise to residents of this Chicago, Illinois, suburb this particular year is that their population size has seen a dramatic increase.

Don’t start running from the massive snake infestation just yet, however. According to CBS Local Chicago, a vast majority of the snakes to be found in Naperville aren’t venomous. In fact, out of the only four species of toxic snakes that are found throughout the entire state, none have been found to live in this particular suburb. So although the scare at the high numbers of snakes this year is understandable, it’s nothing to risk staying inside on a fun summer day for.

Naperville Animal Control officials have verified that these slithering creatures pose no direct threat to humans. However, if one is certain that the snake before them is not of the common garden variety, then they should steer clear of the creature. It is possible that it could be a venomous snake, said local Naperville authorities, even if the odds are unlikely.

“Misinformation, lack of information, and irrational fears has also affected snake populations,” shares the report, according to the website for the city of Naperville Animal Control.

It seems that a considerable amount of the animals part of this rising snake infestation are only water snakes and garter snakes, and that this time of summer is a prime hunting season. After a very long winter this year, they are ready to wake up from a peaceful sleep and try to find what food they can. The recent slew of rains that have passed through the area (an unnaturally high amount of rain in Naperville, Illinois, and even the city of Chicago for this time of year) has also contributed to increased snake sightings, added the statement.

Ultimately, don't let the news of a massive snake infestation scare you or leave your skin crawling too much this week. Naperville residents should be aware of the increased numbers of these slithering animals in their midst (especially when walking the dog or watering plants), but most of the creepy creatures are harmless. Nonetheless, knowledge is power, and when confronted with a snake, it's best to simply leave it alone and continue with your day.

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