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Snakes in suburb: Slithering invasion freaking out town with snakes everywhere

Snakes have taken over the town of Naperville, say residents of this Chicago suburb. One woman said she saw a FedEx driver running through a yard trying to avoid the garter snakes that seem to be coming from everywhere, according to the Epoch Times on June 27.

Snake invasion outside Chicago in suburbs. They are everywhere you look.
YouTube screen shot

Everywhere you look there are these snakes of all sizes, on doorsteps, on sidewalks, in bushes, at parks and in resident’s yards. While they are harmless little old garter snakes and water snakes, it still not a sight many want to see slithering down their front stoop.

One resident of Naperville said she found them on her front steps and another six in the bushes outside her house. This is a yearly occurrence, but the numbers are much larger this year than previous years, according to Mail Online.

Thousands of these snakes are slithering out of their nests after hibernating all winter. The snakes are “freaking people out” no matter how harmless they may be. Mrs. Quigley who lives in Naperville said that her deliveryman saw a snake drop out of a bush and started to run.

Her friends won’t come to visit her because of all the snakes around her property, said Quigley. Experts report that the influx of the snakes are due to the snakes waking from their winter slumber and coming out of their nests. This is the time when they begin their eating frenzy.

While most of the snakes are not venomous, the area does have a few species that are poisonous, so before going to pick up a snake, make sure you identify the species first. There are four species of venomous snakes in Illinois, including two species of rattle snakes. So far none have been found in this snake frenzy in this town outside of Chicago.

Seeing the snakes drop from the bushes are not a sight that is welcoming to many folks. If you look closely at the bushes, chances are you’ll see a serpents head peering out from behind the leaves.

Many in the town have likened this event to the movie “Snakes on a Plane.” Thankfully the inside of the houses aren’t overrun with the reptiles as of yet!

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