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Snake warning flyers: Venomous viper skin found, but snake missing in S.C.

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A snake warning has been issued to residents in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina after an exterminator at an apartment complex found the still moist skin of a snake that is one of the deadliest in the world. The venomous snake from Africa sometime recently shed its skin and is believed to be on the loose in the area, according to WCNC News on April 8.

When the exterminator found the skin, he wasn’t sure what kind of snake this was from. He had a specialist look at it and the skin was confirmed to be from a Gaboon viper, a very dangerous snake because of its highly toxic venom. The hospitals in the area do not carry an anti-venom for this snake.

Flyers went up all around the apartment complex where the snake skin was found. The snake is not a native of the Mount Pleasant area and it is against the law to own a viper in North Carolina. Officials have been going door to door asking residents if they might know who would have owned this snake at one time.

For now the folks in the area of the apartment complex need to be vigilant about their surroundings because it is believed that a snake is slithering around the area with a bite that could kill you.