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'Snake Salvation' star: Snake bite kills Jamie Coots who turned down treatment

"Snake Salvation" star Jamie Coots died in Kentucky after being bitten by a poisonous snake and then turned down medical treatment to save his life. Police in the community of Middlesboro tried to "talk Coots into going to the hospital,"according to the Lexington-Herald Leader on Feb. 16.

A traditional snake church
Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

The Pentacostal preacher who co-starred on the National Geographic television series that shows how his this religion practices snake handling in a sacred way, thus making believers feel that their faith protects them from poisonous snake venom.

These followers, who believe if they don't engage in snake handling then they will go to hell, belong to a century-old sect of Christian churches. These churches are mostly located in Kentucky, where Jamie Coots preached, as well as in Alabama, West Virginia and Tennessee.

Coons was a third-generation snake handler and pasored in a small Kentucky church. He had refused treatment for excruciating bites before but this time he did not live after being bitten.

By way of background, "Snake Salvation" debuted in 2013 with Jamie Coots as one of the two preachers involved in the series. The church where Coots preached had another victim who suffered a fatal snake bite in 1995. Her name was Melinda Brown and she was bitten by a rattlesnake.

And now her reality star preacher is dead of a snake bite, too. RIP, Jamie Coots, RIP.

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