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'Snake Salvation' son to carry on snake handling for fundamentalist church

"Snake Salvation" son of killed preacher to carry on family tradition for snake handling for their fundamentalist church. Pastor Cody "Little Cody" Coots will step into his father’s shoes at the Middlesboro, Ky. Pentecostal church he is now minister of. According to I4U on Feb. 24, Little Cody had no other choice.

Recently, the snake salvation church lost its pastor Jamie Coots after a snake that was venomous bit him. But his son Cody Coots is adamant that he will willy-nilly carry on the deadly practice.

Apparently only a week after his father's death, Little Cody danced with the very same snake vowing to refuse medical attention in case he is ever bitten. At Jamie coots funeral many who attended wished to dance with venomous snakes that day.

The "Snake Salvation" reality star died on Feb. 15, 2014. The elder Coots refused medical attention after being bitten even though he was fully aware of the likely outcome of his situation. Jamie had been bitten eight times before over his lifetime, but survived.

"Snake Salvation" is a popular reality series on National Geographic Channel. I t follows the lives of the Pentecostal snake handlers documentary-style. Jamie Coots was stopped last year for possessing and transporting venomous snakes. He even argued in favor of snake handling in the Wall Street Journal as being protected by the U.S, Constitution under religious freedom before his death.

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