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'Snake Salvation': History to repeat itself with Jamie Coots' son taking over?

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Snake Salvation,” star Jamie Coots died last week after he refused medical treatment for the snake bite he got during his church sermon, which includes handling snakes while preaching the Bible. The son of National Geographic’s “Snake Salvation” star, Cody Coots, is now taking over for his father, according to the Christian Post News on Feb. 23. He will also follow in his dad's footsteps and let any snake bites take their course without help from the medical community.

Even at Jamie Coots funeral the members of the Middleboro church wanted to handle the snakes, the death of their beloved pastor did nothing to change their beliefs. The controversy around this practice his spiked with many questioning the safety aspect of handling snakes in light of this death. Cody Cotes has stated that if he gets bit, like his father, he too will refuse medical treatment, according to TMZ.

The 21-year-old has picked up where his dad left off leading the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name Church, which is housed in Kentucky, in the snake handling practice. After Jamie’s funeral many of Coot’s church parishioners went back to the funeral home and handled snakes in his honor.

While Coots’ son feels he is too young to be a pastor, but because his father is now dead, he has no choice but to carry on his work. The snake handling appears in the Bible, but the reason for handling the snakes is all in how one deciphers what the passages say. This 100-year-old practice is done with the belief that Jesus instructs them to pick up serpents.